TypeCompeting impalement design
LocationMarzahner Promenade, Berlin
ClientDistrict Marzahn-Hellersdorf von Berlin
Team LA.BARKristian Ritzmann, Fabian Roßmanith

The two squares in front of the wall mosaics today are dilapidated and rarely frequented by people due to their low sojourn qualities. They are mainly used to pass from one side to the other and as such perceived.
The little mosaic square is the smallest square and the inlaid stairs make it the most structured place at the Marzahner Promenade. We therefore propose to open the square. The shrubs and hedges will be removed, the existing trees will be preserved and pruned.
In contrast to the small mosaic square the large square seems oversized and featureless. The enclosed nature of the octagon will be replaced by an area marked by stripes and tapes (built with different types of surface materials), the space opens up to the surroundings and can be traversed by all sides. On these tapes fitness and motor activity elements will be installed, a boules area and other play areas will be offered for adults, without dominating the space.