TypeNon-open landscape planning competition
LocationFranz-Mehring-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin
ClientDisctrict Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg of Berlin
Team LA.BARJulian Engmann

The new Franz-Mehring-Platz presents itself as a homogeneous and generous green urban space with a design reference to the linear facade of the building. The public areas are shifted away from the road, light turf waves and grass patches create a soothing protected atmosphere and mitigate the impact of traffic on the square. The central entrance axis is brought to the public sidewalk and supports the urban reference to Singerstraße. Large sized plates and the absence of any furniture and fittings bestow a noble and simple character on the square. A reference to Franz Mehring, the name giver of the square, is made by quotations by him and about him which are shown on the base area along the pathways. Five patches that are cut by the central axis leading towards the building restructure the new square. The pedestal zone infront of the building is preserved and complemented by two terraces in the area of ​​the planned café.

The bicycle parking spaces next to the main entrance and on the entrance axis are removed and integrated into the new access patch. It consists of the access road and the attached car and bicycle parking spaces. The lockable bicycle housing for 40 wheels is located on Rüdersdorfer Straße. Three turf waves form the main square area. Two pathways  cross the square north-south, parallel to the main building. Light base tapes with integrated seating blocks accompany the paths. Sun loungers invite you to relax in a lawn trough. The narrow patches of various medium high grasses support the linear outline of the design and form with the lawn waves protected but still clearly structured areas. The existing trees will be kept, except for the yew tree, and complemented with four large thornless locust trees. The tree row planned along the street Pariser Kommune will not be continued on the Square Franz-Mehring-Platz. The open square design is shifting the building with the distinctive canopy stronger into the cityscape.