TypeOpen spaces
LocationAm Inselpark, 21109 Hamburg
ClientIGS Hamburg 2013 GmbH
Team LA.BARRüdiger Amend, Heidrun Fehr
Phases5-8, LP 3 aspect studio, Sydney Australien
Costs60.000 EUR
Area300 sqm

Far from the rest of the world a unique and distinct flora and fauna developed in Australia. With the knowledge of the natural cycles the natives practiced for thousands of years a form of slash and burn agriculture. But with the introduction of European agricultural techniques and crops about 200 years ago, the land use has changed dramatically.The garden presents itself as a journey through six different Australian landscapes. The six sections of the garden are clearly seperated by high walls in red, the colour of which symbolically represents the continent. The trail passes through cultivated land, shrubland, the mountains, the rainforest and the coastal regions and leads right into the desert. There the way widens up and oversized emu eggs invite you to linger. A comprehensive picture of the contrasting diversity of an entire continent remains well remembered as well as the challenging aspect, how easily the characteristics of the various landscapes can be jeopardized by external influences.

Photography: Lichtschwärmer