TypeOutdoor facilities, roof garden and façade greening of a new residential building with 17 residential units
LocationBundesallee 215
ClientFortuna Bundesallee GmbH & Co. KG
ArchitectsMichael Kunat Architekten, Berlin
Cooperation partners
Living Wall
Vertiko GmbH, Buchenbach
Team LA.BARRüdiger Amend, Eike Richter, Maria Möser, Julian Engmann, Carolin Achtel
Performance phases1 - 9
Period2017 - 2023
Area670 sqm
Construction sum400.000 EUR

The new building was erected on an area previously used as a parking lot in the second row of Bundesallee and is completely underbuilt with an underground parking garage that extends into the open spaces. A paved footpath leads from Bundesallee to the forecourt, next to which a driveway with lawn liners leads to the underground garage. An existing garden wall was planted with climbing roses and accentuated with wall lights.

The forecourt is also partly underbuilt with the underground garage. The ventilation installations were integrated into a planting bed with seating areas. A maximum discharge limit of 6l/s applies to the site. For this reason, the surface water that accumulates is initially fed into a storage tank in the area of the access road and then throttled and fed into the public sewer system.

The partially underbuilt 140m2 garden courtyard is located on the east side of the residential building. A wide strip of slabs forms the transition from the house to a lawn with a small play area. A strip of grasses and scented shrubs conceals an existing formwork concrete wall.

A biotope area factor (BFF) of 0.3 had to be demonstrated with the new building. We were able to achieve a BFF of 0.39 through the use of façade and roof greening. Two existing fire walls were planted with self-clinging vines and lonicera. The special feature of this project, however, is the modular façade design consisting of photovoltaic, wooden slat and living wall elements. The carefully selected combination of plants refers to the sky orientation of the respective façade and was implemented by Vertiko.

Photography: Lichtschwärmer - Christo Libuda