type: open space planning competition
location: garden city Falkenberg, Berlin-Köpenick
organizer: building and housing cooperative 1892
creator:LA.BAR landscape architects, Kirsten Schemel architects BDA
planning: Kristian Ritzmann, Dr. Caroline Rolka
ranking:3. prize
period: 2015

The primary objective of our new concept is to maintain and strengthen the identity of the place. The whole settlement thrives on the dialogical gathering between architecture and garden, the static and the constantly changing, the transfixed and the living.
We therefore propose an urban intervention which stands for the concept "architecture in the garden", a concept realized in all buildings of the garden city. However, with regard to its density and partial opening to the street Am Falkenberg, our plan allows a gradual transition to a different form of urbanity.

The scaling of our plan mediates and defines an opening into the additive and fragmented structure of the settlement. The settlement’s location on the corner of two streets is not rounded off with a concrete square or a building but with a fenced orchard. Thus the view from the street Am Falkenberg towards the Bruno-Taut-buildings remains free.