Type: Open spaces, green roofs, green forcourt
Location: Berlin, Marienfelde
Client: Federal Environment Agency
Architects:Braun, Kerbel, Löffler, Architekten + Ingenieure
Processing: Eike Richter, Juliane Henke, Katrin Jacob, Heidrun Fehr, Ingo Dollek, Martina Faller
Period: 2009-2013
Costs: 350.000 EUR
Area: 2800 sqm
Award: Climate protection partner 2010 of the IHK Berlin; sustainability: silver, BNB outdoor facilities

The Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin-Marienfelde was replaced by a new building, the “zero energy building”. The planning of the grounds focused on the creation of characteristic open spaces around the new building that would easily blend into the composition of the whole campus and to increase its amenity values for all users. With the redesigning of the areas around the existing buildings and of areas next to the access road the architectural profile of the property was to be improved and orientation for the people was made easier.

At the same time the ecological standards of the construction with regard to the sustainable building concept "UBA 2019" were to be adjusted with the intention to compensate for the unavoidable damaging impacts on nature and landscape. The outdoor areas are divided into a green forecourt directly related to the experimental area, a covered outdoor area next to the house, as well as natural green space in the further surroundings of the new building. The new building is topped now by an extensive roof greening, which is combined with photovoltaic elements. Several greened pergolas offer covered spaces for bicycles, parking spaces for disabled persons, for service vehicles and a dustbin place.

Photography: Andreas Meichsner, BBR