type:                         campus, open spaces
place:                        Philipp-Müller-Straße 23966 Wismar
client:                       Betrieb f. Bau und Liegenschaften M-V, Schwerin
design/planning:      E. Richter as partner of Burger + Tischer, Mensa: LA.BAR, Sissi v. Matuschka, Jorg Siewecke, Proske+Steinhausen
architect:                  Lepel + Lepel, Köln, BBL Schwerin
phases:                     1-8
period:                      1998-2004
costs:                        2.300.000 EUR
area:                         30.000sqm
award:                      entry in architecture guide Mecklenburg-Vorpormmern

The structural open space concept for the Campus design is the overlapping of thematic "layers." These elements include:  two lowered lawns  in the central campus area, which is a free accessible zone with a special stone paving. The two lawns remain open and treeless, but are framed with rows of poplar trees.  The main axes are accentuated by different tree species and various materials: in the Southern part of the site an unsymmetrical alley of columnar trees and blooming trees with wide tops. In the North stands an alley of lime trees.  A curved wooden walkway connects the Architecture and Design Building and the Cafeteria, as it winds through tall reeds and willows embedded in gravel.
Topographically formed and densely planted “fissures” act as the transition zone from the campus edge to the open landscape. A new thematic campus identity of a “home clod” is created in this transition zone.” Rows of poplar trees spring over its edges and connect the campus with the Horticultural Garden.

Fotos: LA.BAR;