Type: Residential area with playground
Location: Sonnenallee 277, 12057 Berlin
Client: Brandenburg Properties 5 S.a.r.l, über DIM Deutsche Immobilien Management GmbH (privater Teil), Bezirksamt Neukölln, Stadtentwicklungsamt (Stadtraum)
Planning:Rüdiger Amend, Eike Richter, Rike Kirstein, Ingo Dollek, Fabian Roßmanith
Phases: 2-8
Period: 2012-2014
Costs: 440.000 EUR
Area:1.600 sqm
Awards: Exhibition Draussen im Zentrum (

The White Residential Area Dammweg in the district Berlin-Neukölln is a social housing area from the 1970s. The typical 18-storey buildings distinguish themselves extremely from the surrounding premises. The characteristic bright houses gave the approximately 15ha large area the name White Residential Area or Sun Residential Area.
The generation square represents an important joint in the southern quarter. Dark and shaded spaces were strongly thinned out, the ground covering and the seating furniture were renewed. There the path structure has been improved, the square is now connected to the entrance square.
Both places form a design unit in terms of materials, furniture and lighting. The shady, tree covered zones at the fringes were planted with boxleaf honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida `May Green'). In sunnier areas ground cover roses (Rosa Innocencia) and grasses (Miscanthus sinensis `Small Fountain´) were used. There is now a playground with colourful wooden playground equipment and a wooden deck for picnics on the north side of the Generation Square.

Photography: Anita Back