TypeRenovation of the outdoor facilities of a residential complex and construction of two rubbish dumps and two playgrounds
LocationLeonberger Ring 1-33, Rufacher Weg 18-34, 12349 Berlin
ClientDeutsche Wohnen SE
Team LA.BAREike Richter, Rüdiger Amend, Vitali Tamorko
Area2000 m2
Construction cost505.000 EUR

The above settlement has been renovated in recent years. In early 2019, a 2 meter wide strip for facade work was placed on the stick, the remaining planted areas were not cut back. Garbage dumps were also created. After previous clearing work, the planting areas should be completely replanted in spring 2020. The planting concept included a mixture of roses, perennials, grasses and solitary shrubs. The already renewed garbage dumps were greened with climbing plants. Close to the entrance, bicycle parking spaces were created with grass joint paving, a steel band edging and bicycle racks made of rectangular tubes or flat steel. A granite splinter eaves with a wooden border has been created under the balconies. The staircase and ramp system at one of the entrances to the house (house 19 - southern area) was also renovated.

Photography: Lichtschwärmer