TypeSingle stage competition with upstream application
LocationTrier, Rheinland Pfalz
ClientCity of Trier
Architectsde+ Architekten Berlin
Team LA.BARRüdiger Amend, Heidrun Fehr

The Roman bridge is the central element for the city areas lying on the Moselle and as the oldest bridge in Germany of great historical and touristic significance. It is to be developed into a living vibrant component of the neighboring quarters and the city of Trier. In the future, visitors will experience the bridge as a historical relic of the Roman era in a lively and attractive environment. The Roman bridge is intended to combine functionality with a high quality of stay in everyday life, but also to become an attractive location for cultural events. The aim of the concept is a long-term development, which leads the city to the Moselle. For this purpose, the appearance of the urban silhouette along the Moselle has to be redefined and designed. The banks of the Moselle are to be developed into inner city open spaces with a high quality of design and living. Existing qualities should be strengthened, but not over-molded. Existing materials should continue to be used and discreetly supplemented or contrasted with new materials. The networking of the river area with the neighboring quarters should be improved. New staircases, terraces and ramps are to improve the access to the Mosel and the quality of life on the river and in the immediate vicinity of the Roman bridge.