TypePrivate garden
PlaceIm Gehege 4, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem
ClientPrivate owner
ArchitectsWeinmiller Architekten, Berlin
Team LA.BARHannah Bornholdt, Rüdiger Amend, Eike Richter
Costs75.000 EUR
Area350 sqm
AwardsDA! Architektur in Berlin 2004, Architektenkammer Berlin


This private garden is part of a protected urban ensemble consisting of single and row housing. The ensemble is grouped around existing well-maintained ornamental gardens, which form its “green heart.” The goal of the design was to reorganize the garden by thinning out the existing vegetation to allow the essential structure of the housing complex to be once again discernable. The defining elements of the garden consisted of a mature Taxus hedge, a terrace-planting bed adjacent to the house, and a seating area in a sun-drenched portion of the garden. A spatial architectural counterpoint to the Taxus hedge consists of a metal and wood paravent. The existing seating area is supplemented with large sandstone slabs. The terrace-planting bed is divided into three smaller entities. A 6 Meter long travertine wall is the most striking element in the garden. It not only defines the seating area and differentiates the entire space and the associated views, but more importantly it accentuates and strengthens the entire garden with its materiality and colour. With this garden design, which is predominantly planted with perennials, the existing structure is being retained while contrasting new design elements are inserted, connecting modern landsape architecture with the site’s existing substance and vegetation. 

Photography: LA.BAR