LocationKatzbachstr. / Dudenstr., 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
ClientBezirksamt Friedrichshain Kreuzberg, Fachbereich Grünflächen
CooperationDr. Caroline Rolka, Garten- und Denkmalpflege
Costs230.000 EUR

The renewal of the playground in Victoria Park in Kreuzberg took place in 2 stages. According to the zonal space structure the entire playground can be divided into 3 different play and adventure areas. In the first stage the existing play structures in the south-east were reorganized and combined with new play elements. Existing devices, such as swings, were complemented by new game ideas, such as the new tree bridges, which are an additional incentive for children to brachiate and climb along. A 3m high snake slide and a ropeway entice children to get ready for takeoff. From a new treehouse you can catch a glimpse at the Katzbach Stadium. A lawn terrace invites you to a picnic. For an immediate lemonade supply a new access to the beer garden Golgotha was built.
In the following construction stage new playground amenities will come up with flower shops, labyrinths and fountain systems. The area in the middle of the playground was designed for younger children and received flower shops, toy boxes, wobble boards and other wooden play objects. The large sand area with its wooden enclosure is equipped with play elements from the former playground, such as a carousel and a rotating ball. They have been painted according to the colour concept of the second construction stage in red. In the middle of the sand area a wooden platform was built within the range of two trees and offers seating and a rest in the shadow of the trees.

Photography: LA.BAR