TypeOpen spaces
LocationVenue of education 14a, Frankfurter Allee 14a, 10247 Berlin
ClientDistrict office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Costs190.000 EUR
Area2000 sqm

The government funded conversion of the former Franz-Fühmann School into the Central District Library "Pablo Neruda" which was part of the Urban Redevelopment Program East led to a decisive improvement for this venue of education at Frankfurter Allee 14a. It brought along new stimuli for the sustainable development of the entire district. The library (opened in 2010), a new day care centre, the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium and the new auditorium represent the core of the new centre of culture and education in Friedrichshain. The architecturally outstanding library building has received an appropriate environment with the “Pablo Neruda Garden”. In the lively Simon-Dach-neighbourhood loaded with bars and pubs, this small park is a hidden oasis of tranquility.

Like the forecourt, the garden is dominated by the warm appearance of the wooden facade of the library building with its large openings. The impressive poplar stock and existing group of trees were complemented by a large lawn and a circular path. The defining elements are the new cherry tree grove, the long garden bench and the south-facing sun loungers. The bench pads are made of glazed wood. A square like space within the circular path can be used for readings and other library events.

Photography: Andrea Elsper; LA.BAR