Type: Open spaces, playground
Location:Am Hochwald 30, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg
Client: Community Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg
Architect: Kerbel, Löffler Architekten, Berlin
Planning: Eike Richter, Ingo Dollek, Heidrun Fehr, Katrin Jacob
Period: 2010-2012
Costs: 275.000 EUR
Area: 3.900 sqm

The new Waldorf day nursery is part of the Waldorf campus at the Seeberg hill. The angular, extensivly overgrown kindergarten building is set around a large oak tree and forms a courtyard, which opens up to an orchard and the adjacent Waldorf School. A spacious terrace which seems to be a park stage, serves as an extended playground and open space of the kindergarten.
The garden is divided into three areas: the terrace, the playground and the play structure strip. At the end of the garden, next to the wood a natural forest playground was built.
The forecourt of the main entrance with its bicycle and car parking spaces which are surrounded by plant beds forms the appealing entree of the new kindergarten.