TypeForecourt, open spaces
Location Max-von-Laue-Str. 4, 60438 Frankfurt am Main
ClientMax-Planck-Gesellschaft Generalverwaltung, München
Team LA.BARE. Richter, R. Amend, F. Bonewitz, I. Dollek, J. Henke, S. Koch, G. Königstein
ArchitectsHenn, München
Costs850.000 EUR

The open spaces of the MPI for Brain Research at the research site Frankfurt-Riedberg are defined by the H-shaped building designed by Henn Architects. It is divided into three areas:
- The forecourt in the south is a two level stone plaza with a delivery area for the cafeteria. A spacious staircase and a ramp for wheelchair users lead to the main entrance of the institute. On the west side the place is accentuated by a tree roof with planting strips and by bike racks.
- The Green Campus in the north leads across the adjacent campus road to the northern part of the university building lot. Its design corresponds to the orthogonal structure of the building. The green campus is surrounded by a footway, which widens into a terrace behind the institute building. A curved in-situ concrete path runs through the garden to the parking lot and the northern garden entrance. Strips with plants and stone strips accompany the framing and traversing paths and divide the garden into different sections.
- The parking area provides parking lots for visitors and employees and the delivery area. The parking lots are divided by spaces for plants and lines of trees.

Photography: nadran photografie, Sandra Hauer, LA.BAR