type:                     non open achiteture competition
place:                   Möllendorfstr. / Rathausstr., 10363 Berlin
client:                  Bezirk Lichtenberg von Berlin
planning:             LA.BAR Landschaftsarchitekten
assistant:             Julian Engmann
year:                   2018


We propose a zoning of the park in 5 areas: 1. City Garden 2. Park Entrance and Playground 3. The Lawn 4. Sculpture Park 5. Southern Park Entrance.
To this end, the existing path structure will be supplemented by a new, diagonal path referring to the town hall. It connects the new city hall arc (idea section) with the office and residential complex at Frankfurter Allee. Furthermore, a rudimentary path is continued parallel to Möllendorffstraße to the town hall arc. The resulting triangle forms the new center of the park together with the entrance area and the playing areas and brings the northern and southern park area closer together. Visitors to the park can feel the history and current dynamism of growing Berlin in these new areas of the park. They walk on new paths between yesterday and tomorrow.