TypeGarden, percolation, open space
LocationBrook-Taylor-Str. 6, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof
ClientSenatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung
ArchitectsAugustin und Frank, Berlin (MHP), Prof. Tonon (GSL), Berlin
CooperationEntwurf: Ippolita Nicotera, Ausführungsplanung, Bauleitung Eike Richter, Rüdiger Amend
Team LA.BAREike Richter (LA.BAR Landschaftsarchitekten), project partner of the office Burger + Tischer, Berlin
Costs400.000 Euro

The outdoor areas primarily deal with axes, visual references, spatial formations, relationships with street spaces and materiality of the environment. In addition, a connection to the neighbouring areas and overall to the science location Adlershof is to be established. The perception as a spatial unity standing out from its environment in terms of structure, choice of materials and equipment is reinforced by geometrically clearly defined spaces that establish a free view to the Aerodynamic Park and emphasize the density of the gardens and ways. The planting of site specific trees as the columnar poplar and the robinia, the special rainwater infiltration and the use of permeable pavements help to preserve the ecological quality in the long run. In addition, the design of the outdoor facilities of the Institute picks up on the "spirit" of the university institute and the building concept and echoes it. This finds its most significant expression in the protective structure for a nitrogen filling plant and a recooling plant. The steel scaffolding, completely encased by black bamboo, gives this technical infrastructure a "skin" without concealing it and represents a striking new landmark on the new university campus which corresponds with the new Institute.