TypeNon-open realization competition
LocationBrückenstraße / Friedrich-Engels-Ring, 15562 Rüdersdorf near Berlin
ClientMunicipality of Rüdersdorf, department III building
ArchitectsHeinle, Wischer und Partner, Berlin
Team LA.BARKristian Ritzmann
Ranking2. place

The new district square and the new school extension building form the basic pattern and the first new building block of the district center in Rüdersdorf. A homogeneous urban planning sequence with diverse open spaces will form a harmonious whole. View and path relations will be maintained or will be focussed on to strengthen the concept of the district center beyond the squares. Two new tree-lined paths from north to south give access to the education campus and lend a frame to the new public forum.

This is subdivided into five clearly defined zones: a transitional zone on the Brückenstraße, where more non-commercial construction is possible, a play and sports strip, a public park, the main square and the schoolyard located between the new school extension and the old buildings of the Secondary school level II. A residential garden open to all residents formulates the transition to the courtyard of the residential buildings Brückenstraße 95 and 82 and invites all for social interaction in the heterogeneous district. The tree-covered schoolyard with generous seating forms an entrance to the old buildings and playground of the older students. Two new ramps offer a barrier free access to the old buildings. On the western side is a roofed bicycle stand for the required 180 bikes. The square is not fenced and always open to the public. Seating walls formulate the transitions to the western and eastern streets. The counterpart of the schoolyard is the main square in front of the new building. It serves as an entrée to the school campus and is an attractive, paved place in the neighbourhood for a variety of events. For the drainage of the paved areas we recommend yard drains. The sports surfaces are water permeable, the drainage of the surplus water takes place via flat troughs with gutters. In front of the entrances and required staircases drainage channels are provided. Surface and roof water will seep away completely into drain trenches or troughs on the property. The two main paths, the district square and the schoolyard will be lighted by pole lights whereas the square garden will not be lighted. The garbage disposal site is integrated into the covered bicycle parking facility. The car park is located on the eastern bridge road. From here also the delivery takes place.