TypeTheme garden
LocationInternational Garden Show 2013 Hamburg
ClientInternational Garden Show Hamburg 2013 GmbH
Team LA.BARRüdiger Amend, Heidrun Fehr, Jaquila Karnatz, Ingo Dollek
PhasesLPH 2 und 3: Isthmus Group, Auckland (NZ); Lph 5-8: LA.BAR Landschaftsarchitekten bdla
Period2011 - 2013
Costs40.000 EUR

New Zealand is famous for its spectacular coastal scenery. Shaped by the Sea, every year countless driftwood logs are washed up on the beaches. The driftwood logs form the skeleton of the beach: sand covered, they are the first bulwark in the endless struggle between land and hungry sea.
This garden is surrounded by symbolic driftwood. Although even long dead, the wood provides habitat for many small animals. Well protected, in the interior a green abundance of ferns and tree ferns unfold that grow in all nooks and valleys of the country. Tree ferns already prospered millions of years ago and are still used by the inhabitants for the construction of fences or for the production of vases and pitchers. As if they came from another time, these living botanical "fossils" remind us of the infinite time horizon and the fragile but resistant nature of the flora.

Photography: Lichtschwärmer