TypeRealization competition
LocationAm Eichengrund, 15907 Lübben (Spreewald)
SponsorCity of Lübben, represented by mayor Jens Richter, Poststraße 5, 15907 Lübben
ArchitectsLANKES KOENGETER Architekten
EmployeesRüdiger Amend, Violetta Zilbersher, Georgia Delia Gkliati
Ranking1st price
Area2,2 ha

The new day-care and neighbourhood centre forms an urban joint and defines the interface between the northern district and the adjacent allotment gardens. Two interlocking structures form differentiated outdoor spaces: the multifunctional forecourt with the parking spaces, the open areas for the children and public recreational spaces for the neighbourhood.

In terms of urban planning, the day-care and neighbourhood centre is clearly designed as a solitaire in the urban space and blends into the landscape with its impressive trees. Arranged in an interlocking manner, an outdoor space is created on three sides, the new neighbourhood square. Opening onto the Eichengrund, it forms the entrance and the address of the new buildings. In addition to being used as a parking area, it can be used for a variety of activities such as weekly markets, flea markets, neighbourhood festivals and the like. The ensemble combines with the existing informal paths to form a tight network of open spaces and built space.

The (park) square at Eichengrund, which is overlooked by striking ornamental cherries (Prunus subhirtella 'Accolade') and can also be used for parties and flea markets at weekends, marks the beginning. Kiss & Ride parking spaces are located near the main entrance. Deliveries are made via the square, and the refuse stand and a covered bicycle parking facility are located to the west. In front of the neighbourhood centre is a small square area that could be dedicated to the theme of cultural diversity and exchange, for example, using the means of art. To the east is the water-bound neighbourhood square, also overgrown by trees, with seating, tables and play facilities. The sports and events hall has direct access to the neighbourhood square, from which a path leads to the newly designed neighbourhood park with its diverse offerings for all generations. These include sunbathing and play areas, a multigenerational playground, fitness equipment and table tennis tables, a lawn for ball games and a streetball court, as well as the enclosed dog run. Seating and picnic areas assigned to the respective uses offer beautiful views of the hustle and bustle in the park. The existing embankments will be upgraded with seating steps, from where one can relax and watch the action on the ball field and enjoy the sun.

The existing slopes will be upgraded with seating steps from where you can relax and watch the action on the ball field and enjoy the sun. The new path system takes up existing path and connects the neighbourhood park to all local and supra-local pathways to all local and supra-local pathways.

The open spaces of the day-care centre are divided into a separate separate garden for the over 3 children, which is separated from the larger garden for the under 3 and after-school children. Both gardens are each characterised by a terrace in front of the building and a circular path that encloses a play area with play hills and various play activities. To the east are sand play areas with age-appropriate climbing facilities. In the western part of the over 3 garden we see a nibbling garden with raised beds and fruit trees. Dense shrub plantings along the outer fencing allow the children to hide, but also protect them from unwanted glances by passers-by. Large-crowned trees and sun sails in the sand play area provide shade.


Assessment of the jury:

The authors have succeeded in planning the building cubature on a small footprint with generous outdoor facilities. The open space is pleasantly restrained and connects with the surrounding allotments and residential buildings. The entrance plaza is designed as a grove of trees, which is convincing as a gesture. The directly associated open spaces for the daycare centre are well designed and unagitatedly meet the requirements. Atmospheric and well-proportioned open spaces characterise this place of everyday poetry. The submitted design represents an ambitious overall concept of contemporary architecture and open spaces that are well suited to the site.