type:                         residential area with playground, Picknick decks, football pitch, bike and garbage shacks
place:                        Flanaganstr. / Taylorstr. u. a., 14195 Berlin-Zehlendorf
client:                       Parkviertel Dahlem GmbH
architect:                  GFP Enders Projektmanagement (general planner)
design/building:       Rüdiger Amend, Eike Richter, Sandra Garscha, Ronny Brox, Katrin Eisfelder, Sigrid Kock, Gesa Königstein, J.Henke
phases:                     2-8
period:                      2005-2010
costs:                        ca. 3.000.000 EUR
area:                         200.000 sqm


The former "Hüttenweg-Settlement" in Berlin-Dahlem was built in the 1950s for the US allies. 36 terraced houses, most of them with four-storeys stand interspersed in a 20-hectare park-like area with old trees between Clayallee, Hüttenweg and Argentinische Allee.
The settlement is especially popular with families because it is located in one of the greenest districts of Berlin in close vicinity to the Grundewald forest.

However, due to a lack of investment many of the buildings and the outdoor facilities in particular were in a dilapidated and dreary state in the early 2000s. In the year 2004 the real estate company Park District Dahlem Grundstücksgesellschaft purchased the settlement from the federal government. Residents, estate company and architects discussed ideas, requests and the plans for the design of the outdoor areas. In the end the concept of “living in the park” emerged in these workshops. The concept focussed on the aspects games, communication, nature.
In addition to a cautious redensification with the construction of new town houses numerous projects were carried out to improve the amenity value of the outdoor spaces. These include new apartment gardens, the renovation of the house entrances, attractive bike and garbage shacks, new dwelling places & BBQ areas with playgrounds near the houses and numerous nature playgrounds and a small pitch.

The newly built Spider Park is a very special playground. It was built on the tree-filled crest of a glacial elevation. With a wide range of rope play elements an intriguing net landscape was designed. The existing trees were integrated into the site and a nature playground with high play value emerged. The net spaces are suitable for moving hand over hand, climbing, balancing and relaxing. Nets in all different shapes were installed, so there is a horizontal spider net as well as vertical climbing nets and rope bridges between trees. The playground stimulates especially the imagination of children and their joy of exploration and it supports the children´s sense of balance and their motor acitivity.


Fotos: LA.BAR