type: non-open realization competition
location: Schlossstraße 11, 06632 Freyburg (Unstrut)
organizer: city Freyburg
creator:LA.BAR landscape architects
planning:Rüdiger Amend, Julian Engmann
period: 2018
placing: 2. place

The open spaces around the historic residential building are preserved in their essential structure and are upgraded. In particular, the character of the grave memorial is given a more peaceful atmosphere by horticultural measures, softer materials and transitions and an additional enclosure by trellis trees. For the Ehrenhof we propose a monument-based reinterpretation with a lawn framed by cut trees. The new frame will have a water-bound path with benches and box-shaped high-stem hornbeams so that the visitors` focus is diverted to the inner court and across the Jahn grave to the garden terrace. In the other outdoor areas new seating, a barrier-free parking space, bicycle parking, a ramp and a spacious staircase are provided.