Rüdiger Amend
Self-Employed Landscape Architect,


1963Born in Soltau, Niedersachsen
1985-1987Apprenticeship as nursery gardener
1988-1989 Civilian service in the tree protection department in the Senate for Environmental Protection Bremen
1990-1999 Studies of landscape planning at TU Berlin, architecture award and Arch+ Recognition for diploma thesis 'Moving Targets'
1999-2000 Employee in the offices Schirmer + Kernbach and Ariane Röntz
2000 Foundation of LA.BAR Landscape Architects with Hanna Bornholdt and Eike Richter, responsible for competitions, design, object planning
2004 Registration in the list of landscape architects of the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg, AK No. 16684
2004-2005 Educational assignment for the international design project 'Three 4 One' TU Berlin, FG Landscape Building-Object Construction
2004-2010Assistance lecturer at master degree Urban Management (Urban Redevelopment) at University Leipzig
2008 Membership of BDLA
seit 2010Various judging assignments for the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development, the City of Frankfurt (Oder), i.a.
seit 2014 Assistance lectures for master of landscape architecture at the College Anhalt Bernburg-Dessau-Köthen