Type:Inner courtyard of a residential complex with 37 residential units and 13 commercial units
Location:Langhansstraße 27-29, 13086 Berlin-Pankow
Architects:Bollinger + Fehlig Architekten, Berlin
Team:Rüdiger Amend, Julian Engmann, Kristian Ritzmann, Eike Richter
Performance phases:2 - 9
Period:2014 - 2022
Area:681 sqm
Construction sum:360.000 EUR

The small garden in the inner courtyard of the residential complex is characterized by a green communal area with a surrounding garden path that provides access to all functional areas such as the garbage storage area, the covered and open bicycle parking spaces, the communal area and the garden-side entrances to the building. In the communal area, which is partly enclosed by seating walls, there is a sand play area, a swing and a lawn with other play facilities.

A small square is assigned to the common room of the coach house. It is surrounded by a long wooden seating wall and is available to the community for parties and other occasions.

The beds near the house are planted with perennials, grasses and low shrubs. Flowering ash trees and rock pears scattered loosely in the planting areas emphasize the garden's character.


Fotos: Lichtschwärmer - Christo Libuda